A Transformative Drupal Migration for a Site Displaying Price Chart of a Precious Metal

Company Overview

The client displays gold, silver, cryptocurrency CMP for users of different countries and redirects them to an online retailer of precious metals to purchase precious metals of their choice.


Ameex was approached by the client for Drupal migration of their site from Drupal 7.59 to Drupal 9. The client wanted their new site to optimally follow Drupal 9 standards and have an optimized site performance, security and SEO integration.


Ameex identified the challenges faced by the client. This was mostly because of their current Drupal version. To put them point-wise:

  • High data consumption leading to high server cost
  • High load time with high page request
  • Inconsistency in cryptocurrency rankings
  • Incoherent data on listing and details page
  • Website user experience can be improved in accordance with the current trend
  • Outdated version of existing Drupal CMS – Drupal 7.59

Our Approach

Ameex was periodically in touch with the client and suggested progressively decoupled architecture after their detailed feature mapping analysis.


Ameex was tasked with understanding the client's business needs and was effective in helping the client to achieve various targets. Ameex successfully delivered a fully functional Drupal 9+ React responsive website, migrated the existing modules and entities, optimized the site’s performance, improved security, enhanced platform adaptability and scalability to all future enhancements, improved onsite SEO and implemented best in class Drupal implementation standards.

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