Multiple websites? Diverse audience? A single platform offering omni-channel solutions to connect with them all.

Founded in 2004 and currently a leading Financial group, our client offer financial services such as annuities, life insurance, and reinsurance through its family of brands, which includes Forethought, Accordia Life and Commonwealth Re. With a broad range of retirement and protection products, the company now claims $40 billion in assets and has offices in nine locations. 


With multiple brands under its umbrella, our client required a number of public-facing websites to reach all of its target audiences. Each needed to be unique, yet cohesive enough to maintain a consistent brand identity for each company-a true challenge when designing multiple websites. In a changing market rapidly moving into the digital realm, they required the ability to make architecture-level changes to improve performance, security and overall usability of their suite of websites.


Ameex stepped in to help implement a number of high-quality websites for their multiple brands. Various levels of caching and coding were incorporated to improve performance, such as varnish, Memcache, opcode cache, Drupal level cache and image sprites. Personal information of users is managed in a separate database, enhancing security with an SQL server, active directory, and secure web services. UI/UX improvements were made to create a clean, easily navigable site also characterized by improved admin functionality for making design changes.

Our client's suite of websites now allows each company to connect with its target audience in a modern, sophisticated manner-all thanks to the design and development work performed by the team at Ameex.

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