Case Studies

Ford Distributing – 199% boost in revenue by Re-engineering Magento platform

Ford Distributing decided to revamp their online store from Magento 1 to Magento 2 to operate on a… Read More

Data Migration for a leading publishing company reduced solution cost by 65%

Client is a leading media and communication company and wanted to migrate from Salesforce to AWS.… Read More

Outcome Oriented Agility for a Membership Organization

How an outcome driven agile approach helped one of our clients to stabilize its digital platform,… Read More

Scaling growth and reach with Ecommerce solutions that deliver.

The Texas-based online magazine was working with the mission of instilling positive energy through… Read More

Anomaly detection helped client predict anomalies 90 minutes ahead of time

Our client is a leading cloud service provider for various enterprise customers in domains such as… Read More

Improved user experience, omnichannel presence, SEO optimized - These are not optional but proven solutions from us.

With nine locations scattered throughout the county, the Public Library has been an invaluable… Read More

Propensity score predictor helped our client predict the customers likelihood to purchase a product

Client is a leading e-commerce company selling baby nutrition products. They want to leverage the… Read More

Ecommerce solutions that purely focuses on the customer - Delivering experience.

A well-established leader in the arts and crafts community, our client provide crafting,… Read More

Ektron to Episerver Migration for a pioneer in metering industry.

Back in February we mentioned the Ektron and Episerver merger, and why Ektron customers should… Read More