Case Studies

Brand Perception Analysis In Twitter

A dashboard showing the Twitter footprint of a leading healthcare product client by means of… Read More

Interactive Tableau Dashboards To Track Customer Behavior

A series of dashboards and storyboards showing consumer behavior metrics such as number of page… Read More

Ford Distributing – 199% boost in revenue by Re-engineering Magento platform

Ford Distributing decided to revamp their online store from Magento 1 to Magento 2 to operate on a… Read More

Site performance up by 190% , Increased customer engagement by 40% - Delivering results is what we do.

It is indeed unfortunate that many companies have been susceptible to the pitfalls of corporate… Read More

Creating an user- friendly, SEO optimized site for B2B Enterprises that impact the bottom line.

Our client is a leading producer and distributor of premium speciality alloys, including titanium… Read More

Improved user experience, omnichannel presence, SEO optimized - These are not optional but proven solutions from us.

With nine locations scattered throughout the county, the Public Library has been an invaluable… Read More

Technology solutions that deliver results for your business through enhanced customer experience that impact the bottom line.

Our client is a leading Canadian-based services group, providing solutions for penchant plans,… Read More

Know your customer well to retain their loyalty. Delivering functionality as the core of your training solutions.

Founded in 2001, the company provides software training and consulting services to the architecture… Read More

Multiple websites? Diverse audience? A single platform offering omni-channel solutions to connect with them all.

Founded in 2004 and currently a leading Financial group, our client offer financial services such… Read More