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Our Chatbot platform is built with the in mind! AI is the foundation for creating humanized AI solutions - "Chatbots" that allows you to access or get things done faster and easier.

The AI revolution is on! And Chatbots are in the middle .

By 2019, 40% enterprises will be actively using chatbots to facilitate business processes using natural-language interactions. (Source: Gartner)

AI Revolution chatbot

With the significant amount hype in the market about chatbots, is imperative to note that most the current hype is centered on customer-facing scenarios. 

The benefits bots and the available frameworks to build chatbots can be applied to businesses as well. Bot frameworks can be used to build bots that target both customer-facing and employee-facing chatbots.

Customer Chatbots is all about conversational artificial intelligence and improving customer engagement, reducing human error, and being available 24/7.

Chatbots reduces the time to first response to human users. Chatbots are changing the communication paradigm with significant transformational benefits that reduce the number humans required to support the application resulting in an increase in call volume handling and improved customer engagement

At Ameex, we have made possible for one our global client where we retrained and engaged the CSR from handling routine and boring support questions to handling specific problems the customer.

The Ameex BOT platform services include:

Chatbots capabilitis

Using the Sentiment analysis with Chatbots, our solutions helps to identify the tone and nature the user’s messages so that the BOT can respond accordingly. We have developed a voice enabled assistant built in Alexa Dot integrated with EPiServer’s content commerce platform to track order and payment status.

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