Harden Your Websites’ Security by Adopting Ameex’s Proven DevSecOps Model

Ameex’s integrated DevSecOps model truly underpins the security of the application at every stage of the development lifecycle. The final product, be it your brand’s website, ecommerce site, business application or mobile app, will be inherently hardened and secure due to vulnerability-free architecture and coding. Our security testing practices ensure timely and preemptive discovery of security vulnerabilities to minimize your application’s risk.


Ameex’s DevSecOps Approach

Ameex’s highly skilled security experts carry out SAST (White-box Security Testing) and DAST (Grey Box Security Testing) to find weaknesses and vulnerabilities in web applications in development or in production. Our security testing methodologies have very broad and in-depth test coverage, meeting the best industry application security guidelines like OWASP Top 10 and SANS Top 25. Continuous testing in dev and stage through a combination of SAST and DAST ensures zero vulnerabilities in production. We deliver a high-level summary of issues, an excel issue tracker and a technical report with comprehensive proof of concepts. Choose Ameex – Your Safe Haven.

Our Best Practices

Ameex DevSecOps Consulting

Speed is critical at points during the software development lifecycle. What if you only have a few minutes to spend on application security in your CI/CD pipeline? Contact us.

Systems Development Life Cycle

Our experts may use SAST methodology and find vulnerabilities earlier in the SDLC or may opt for DAST methodology and find vulnerabilities towards the end of the SDLC.

Application Security Testing

VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing) services are essential for maintaining secure web and mobile applications in production. Our penetration testing services come with an aggressive combination of proprietary testing approach and tools that ensure complete testing of application attack surface.

Source Code Review

Without a secure codebase, applications cannot be inherently secure. Vulnerability-free codebase is the first step towards hardening your application. Ameex source code testing service looks and tests where it matters the most- application codebase.

Managed Cloud Security

Ameex can provide you the right security consultation and assist you in securing your cloud-based assets such as apps, data, platforms, environments and more.

Some of the clients we work with

  • Meadjohnson
  • Perrigo
  • Prudential
  • Dell
  • Epilepsy
  • Purdue
  • Racc

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