Data Management and Cloud

Unleash the Power of your data with the Cloud

Extracting, Transforming, and Standardizing vast amounts of your data in order to harness its full potential allowing you to make the right business decisions.

Data is the new Oil

The digital age mandates ‘data’ as an effective resource advantage, rather than being a cost factor.  No matter what industry vertical you belong to, the past couple of decades have witnessed exponentially shifting IT/digital data handling developments as well as challenges.

Be it, challenges in Media, Communications, Banking, Insurance or Healthcare, Ameex data consultants have not just seen it all; but have also been a part of their wonderful digital transformational sprouting.

  • Expertise in building enterprise-level data management platforms
  • On-premise and/or on Cloud for the magnitude of clients
  • Enabling the consumption of insights and analytical maturity

Precise digital data management implementations and their hygiene are the delegated need of the hour to counter frenzy, competitive digital, industrial landscapes.Data%20Management%20%26%20Cloud_2.png

Unleash digital data management power coupled with cloud technology

Surprisingly, the digital data management platforms that industries can wield now are amazingly powerful to seamlessly deliver superior business outcomes as well as customer experiences:

Database and Data warehousing: Forms the basis of every Enterprise Business Intelligence and Analytics application.  Data warehouses have answers for questions of every operational user.

Data Lakes: Data lakes go beyond the bounds of traditional, operational data Users, to answer deep statistical analysis and predictive modeling users as well.

ETL: Modernized Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL), that multi-fold transforms the speed of data access in an organization.
Big Data: It has become a very basic raw material for Managers to make insightful, precise business decisions.

Cloud Data Engineering: Involving specialist statisticians, ML, and Analytics engineers, Data Engineering forms the new norm for millennial Managers to bring out business rigor, effective performance, and speed.

Database and Data Warehousing

Ameex emphasizes on leveraging game-changing Cloud technology usage in Data warehousing.  The point here is to completely transform the data warehouse from being a mere capital expenditure to operational efficiency augmenter.  Ameex specialty offerings in terms of data warehousing technology include:

  • Analytics Support
  • Harmonizing advanced database architectures such as Data Lakes, Big Data, etc
  • Management and administration of data cleansing, data enrichment, and integration tasks.
  • Ensure end-to-end User access to Organizational data

Data Integration

Ameex data experts view Data Integration as a complete Data Dump.  It is of utmost importance that proper integration and reconciliation of data from multiple systems such as Financials, CRM, ERPs etc. for managers to undertake insightful business decisions.

  • Systematic Data Governance: Ensure Compliance Adherence, Business Rules, and protocols
  • Extract-Transform-Load: Automate vital business protocols, create actionable data
  • Data Quality Management: Methodical data validation, augment data correctness and precision
  • Administering Master Data: Detect, manage and administer multifaceted data sources
  • Modeling Logical Data: Vital business task-based data linking for speedy solutions

Data Lakes

Ameex niche specialty lies in building Data Lakes that enable self-serve analytics addressing 4 V’s: Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity for the democratization of data.

Unique, customizable Data Lake approaches-customer-centric, need-based data planning and execution!!!

  • Illustrative Approach 1: Cloud Data Lakes for faster insights
    • 5R design principle, seamless data integration, lineage and automation framework
    • The Special Effects:
      • Better business unit collaboration, single cloud platform, efficient insights exchange
      • Reduced overall Infrastructure Costs
      • Easy data consumption
  • Illustrative Approach 2: Cloud Data Lake, Snowflake technology, for higher data consumption
    • Initiate data pipeline build using AWS, Snowflake, Talend Integration
    • Legacy system migration into Snowflake, analytics consumption using Tableau, Jupyter Hub, Data IKU, Analytical data marts
  • The Special Effects:
    • Cost efficiency, new revenue realization by data consumption
    • Rolling out Data products and applications in a short span
    • Seamless integration, data sharing, and cross-functional insights
    • Scalable cloud platform reduces data silos, easy adoption by users
  • Illustrative Approach 3: Cloud Data Lakes for better understanding and strategizing
  • Apply ML algorithms
  • Identify internal data sources to be integrated with secondary data
  • The Special Effects:
    • A data lake solution with consumable, on-demand data
    • A robust data collection mechanism scaling the web, support more competitors, storage of all product information including competitors/suppliers
    • Roadmap to entail the consumption of the extracted and cleaned data by viewing it in a UI/UX platform cross-referencing the competitor’s data with primary data to facilitate informed decision making

Extract-Transform-Load (ETL)

The process of extraction is performed to get data from heterogeneous source systems to the target system, which is typically a cloud-based data warehouse, for BI purposes.

Ameex emphasizes on the following key outcomes of a typical ETL process

  • Data Quality, harmonization, and infrastructure setup
  • Data Lake (On-Prem, Cloud, Hybrid) and more

Ameex ETL Approach for BI dashboard build

  • Data extraction, data profiling, data transformations
  • Automated ETL jobs to extract data from various data sources
  • Schedule data transformation process before loading into data warehouse/data mart
  • Integrated dashboards that provide a holistic view of the business

Big Data

Assisting clients implement advanced data platforms to extract maximum insights and simplifying complicated data challenges are the need for today’s data-driven business world.

Values churned from Big data

  • Precise Big Data Architecture custom-crafted for business needs
  • Powerful analytics leveraging data warehouses and big data.  Empowered tools usage including Python, R Studio Spark etc
  • Advance data visuals- insightful GUI dashboards, reports, tools such as Tableau, DOMO etc
  • Big Data Installation, Management and Administration both on-premises and Cloud
  • Realtime Analytics, including Event stream processing, Sensor scoring etc., using tools such as Spark, Databricks etc
  • Big Data mining: The best of values from Hadoop data, using tools such as Spark etc

Ameex has extensively used Hadoop technologies to build Data Lakes with highly sophisticated and consolidated data platform for the downstream applications.

Data Engineering on cloud

Freedom to migrate and engineer what you want to cloud, with need-based timeline strides!!!

The key to successful cloud data engineering is in identifying what are the data, platforms and applications that you want to migrate and engineer on Cloud for an anytime-anywhere access.

  • Standardizing and optimizing data management initiatives, to help not just B2B service providers, but also other industrial domains.
  • Seamlessly overcome all data platform challenges occurring across industry verticals
  • Leveraging on Cloud to help managers easily hasten decision-making

Ameex approach to Cloud Migration

Migrate data, workload & application on most leading Cloud service providers (AWS Cloud/Microsoft Azure/Google Cloud), for amazing productivity, freed resource!!! 

  • Plan what and how you want to migrate on AWS/Azure/Google Cloud, track application migration status, view database and server statuses of your applications, irrespective of the migration tool used
  • Increased business productivity speed and agility after Cloud migration
  • Lowered commercial risks 

When it comes to Cloud Services, swiftness and efficacy of data access and business is assured!!!

Following are a few of the most popular cloud platforms, Ameex has been wielding:

Cloud platform

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