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Ameex Technologies is a leading Snowflake cloud data warehouse solutions partner, serving enterprises in building modern data platforms and scaling analytics practices.

Struggling with secure data sharing, high costs, and endless technology updates? Ameex experts can empower your enterprise with a Snowflake data warehouse. Seamlessly share data across the enterprise, speed up performance, scale for AI/ML challenges and more.

Ameex is a Snowflake Solutions Partner

Over the past 10+ years, we’ve applied our expertise in cloud data management to help clients with a range of solutions, including:

  • Defining cloud strategy and developing scalable, reliable cloud platforms in Azure, AWS, GCP and more
  • Designing, managing and optimizing data flow through data lakes, data warehouses and big data infrastructures, and applying best practices for data quality management (DQM) and governance
  • Developing solutions to improve analytics maturity, such as insurance underwriting, social listening, demand forecasting and more
  • Migrating from legacy databases, modernizing mainframes and implementing Salesforce

If you’re ready to empower your entire enterprise with a Snowflake data warehouse or other solutions, contact Ameex today to see how we can help.

Ameex is a Snowflake Solutions Partner

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Ameex offers Snowflake cloud solutions for every step of your data journey.

Get the right start
  • Strategize cloud data migration
  • Modernize data platform with proprietary frameworks
  • Reduce infrastructure usage to save money and time
  • Address last-mile analytics
Build and transfer model
  • Implement scalable data architecture and data pipeline orchestration
  • Craft quick POCs on analytical sandbox
  • Build zero-management platform with validation frameworks
Learning & Enablement
Focus on consumption
  • On-board client resources to new platform
  • Train and mentor workforce
  • Bridge gap between IT and business

What Could Your Enterprise Achieve with Ameex Snowflake Solutions?

Explore the Ameex expertise that has helped businesses just like yours easily store, compute and manage data to scale

  • More than 30 professionals certified in Snowflake with experience in AWS, Azure, GCP and more
  • Learning and problem-solving mindset prioritized when building modern cloud data platforms
Center Of Excellence
  • Manage knowledge base
  • Evaluate tools & technology competency
  • Develop Snowflake proof of concepts
  • Build reusable test suites and frameworks
Analytical Maturity
  • Build advanced analytics using ML, AI and deep learning techniques.
  • Address last-mile analytics
  • Leverage best practices from across industries
  • Build chatbot platforms
  • Check data quality and create data catalog solutions
  • Guide Snowflake usage
  • Integrate Airflow Schedule
  • Enable AI and ML
Consumption Enablers
  • Integrate programming interfaces such as R, SAS, Python, Spark and Scala
  • Deploy business intelligence and analytics software like Tableau, Power BI, SSRS, DOMO, Qlikview and QuickSight
  • Manage data models with Dataiku, Databricks, Dominos Air9 and others
Enterprise Architectures
  • 6+ Azure end-to-end solutions
  • 15+ AWS end-to-end solutions
  • 2+ Google Cloud end-to-end solutions
  • 6+ Snowflake end-to-end solutions