Application Integration

Enabling independently designed applications and services to work together

Allowing for a seamless conversation between technologies and platforms to deliver that unparalleled user experience.

Enterprises today have an inherent need to leverage on several different applications in order to run the various business functions and execute their business processes smoothly. APIs enable enterprise level applications to seamlessly communicate with one another and with the vast amounts of data on the enterprise database. As the number of enterprise level applications grows exponentially within organizations, your digital platform needs to be equipped with an API that is both efficient and scalable.

At Ameex, we build API’s that deliver a deeply interconnected digital platform that seamlessly integrates application data across your digital platform to meet the growing demands and needs of your business. APIs help with ERP Integration services; with cloud integration services, help integrate social media, payment gateways, analytics data, e-commerce, Salesforce integration and more on your ever-expanding digital platforms.

If you are interested in working with a provider that will accommodate your Application Integration needs, talk to us today. Our specialized consultants are standing by to answer any questions you may have.

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