Tech Stack

The absolute core of your Digital Architecture.

Programming languages, frameworks, and tools - The data ecosystem that acts as a solid core, a robust central technology helping drive your business functions forward.  

Each business is different and thus, they have unique needs and challenges. Ameex recognizes that for enterprises to compete in today’s digital age, they need custom solutions to achieve their short-term and long-term objectives.

Driven by an innovative and client-centric mindset, our seasoned custom development team helps Fortune 500 and fast-growing brands to develop, integrate and maintain high-performing custom applications that meets their unique business needs.

Web Application Development

MEAN Stack

MEAN stack development USA

MEAN Stack is growing in popularity due to its customization capabilities to build powerful and dynamic web applications. Our skilled team of MEAN Stack developers can leverage the power of MEAN stack for developing fast, scalable and efficient web apps.

Full Stack Development

We also offer solutions beyond MEAN Stack by adding a whole host of other technologies to expand and strengthen our clients’ digital capabilities. From ideation and conceptualization, R&D and prototyping to development and deployment, our experienced Full Stack experts will assist you at any and every stage of your custom application development lifecycle. 


Front end development tools

Our experienced developers are well versed in all latest front-end technologies like Angular, Bootstrap, HTML5, React, Angular, Vue, Backbone.js, etc. and will ensure delivering relevant and engaging visual experience for your end-users. 


Custom Back end development

Leveraging our agile methodology and industry best practices, our team of back-end programmers build powerful, cost-effective and flexible back-end solutions using the latest technologies like RoR, .Net, PHP, Python, Node and more…


DevOps complements the agile delivery models for software engineering by bringing in automation and monitoring on the IT side and leverages cloud computing concepts. DevOps leverages collaboration, tool-chain pipelines, automation and Cloud adoption. 

There is no one magic formula. It is an approach. And we at Ameex have mastered it.

Connected Experiences

Our IoT design and engineering experts have designed and built custom apps that leverages “Internet of Things” to help business deliver connected and context-aware experiences across mobile devices, apps and other channels. 

  • IoT Consulting & Development
  • Platform Engineering
  • IoT Analytics
  • End-to-end System Integration
  • Testing
  • Maintenance & Support

Conversation UX Applications

From Strategy to final deployment, our team of experienced conversational designers, AI Chatbot and voice apps developers, NLP Experts and testing engineers helps businesses transform the way they interact with their customers, provide automated assistance and individualized buying experience. 

  • Conversation Design & Strategy
  • Engineering & Development
  • Chatbot Training
  • Conversation App Testing & Automation
  • Maintenance & Support

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