Boost Employee Engagement and Productivity with AI-powered Digital Workplace Chatbots

We take strategic advantage of AI in building conversational solutions for use cases such as workplace transformation, customer support, specific business functions, and more, that helps improve your user engagement and productivity.



Most flexible Bot platform ever

Our bots are cost-effective to build and fully customizable to implement on top of any digital platform, mobile application, e-commerce site, CRM, etc., Your users feel like they have their very own resource keeping tabs on them, understanding their preferences, and listening to their concerns.


AI/ML-driven approach

Our bot platform’s AI/ML capabilities learn the users natural language quickly and have a predefined flow to make sure it solves the users problem. It also has the intelligence to remember and address the context of the conversation even if the user jumps from one scenario to another.


Pro-active push notifications

Help your users receive proactive push notifications in their desktop or mobile devices corresponding to their information or a query.

Multilingual support

We build bots with multilingual capabilities allowing your users to communicate in the language they are familiar with and improve engagement and overall experience.


Comprehensive dashboard

Leverage the deep data offered by the comprehensive dashboard to understand the key workforce metrics, track performance, and identify the areas of improvement.

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Unified Digital Workplace Platform Boosts Employee Engagement and Productivity

We built a custom-built integrated digital platform for one of the world’s largest furniture retailers that allowed employees to easily access company updates, collaborate with other team members better, and manage their day-to-day responsibilities.


Watch how Ameex’s AI-powered bot can boost productivity for your HR Team

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