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Why Drupal is the Best Choice For Higher Education?

Drupal is the top choice for over 71% of Top 100 Universities to power their website. Drupal provides the right platform for universities and colleges with its flexible, highly scalable, and secure architecture. You can create multiple websites with a single code base, build landing pages easily with no code, manage user roles, share digital assets with different departments, and integrate with any third-party systems using RestAPI and have more functionality.


Drupal powers some of the world’s leading universities

  • Massachuasetts
  • Virginia Tech
  • RACC
  • purdue
  • the george
  • Stanford University
  • Harvard

The power of Drupal in Higher Education helps colleges have graduation ceremonies

Learn how we helped a community college rebuild its digital platform and enabled them to launch a website within 3 weeks, to facilitate the graduation ceremony of the out-going batch!

  • 50% increase in YouTube subscriptions
  • 10% better student engagement
  • Next to real, virtual graduation experience

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Jump Start Your Drupal 9 Migration In No Time – With Our Accelerated DXP Framework

Our Drupal-based framework comes packed with built-in features that will help universities and colleges reduce time-to-market cost by 50%, compared to what it takes to build a website through the traditional development approach!


Consolidate Various Websites Onto A Single Platform

By using Drupal’s multi-site functionality, you can create dedicated websites or portals using a single platform, giving greater control to individual departments ensuring brand consistency across digital assets while reducing operational costs.


Develop Scalable And Powerful Drupal Applications For Seamless Customer Experience

Our Framework is built on a strong Drupal foundation that brings the power and flexibility needed to seamlessly integrate with the student information systems, CRM, marketing automation platforms, personalization engines, and data and other internal systems. It provides a rich set of reusable features that significantly reduces time-to-market and total cost of ownership.


Provide Better Authoring Experience For Your Content Authors And Non-Technical Users

Empower your marketing and communication teams, and even your faculty members to create page layouts and publish on their own, reducing dependency on developers for basic content authoring and publishing needs.

Why Ameex’s Accelerated DXP Framework?

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  • We have been architecting, building, and implementing Drupal systems for over 13 years. This experience has helped our team to create a delivery framework that is flexible and easy to use and can be your digital core to support any of your business’s current or future digital experience needs

    • Up to 50% reduction in time and cost for both development and maintenance.
    • Seamless and intuitive content authoring experience.
    • Ability to quickly create a landing page or localize a page or site.
    • Efficient and reusable code base written using the right Drupal modules and APIs to improve efficiency and security.
    • Ability to quickly integrate with SIS, MarTech, Data, and other business systems.
    • Robust content and dynamic query architecture to accelerate your site-building needs.
    • A very powerful taxonomy structure to support the organic SEO needs of your site.
    • Advanced security features including OWASP Top 10 security features.
    • Multi-site management capabilities. AMP, PWA features.


Multi-skilled Development Support and Maintenance Services

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Optimizing Higher Education Digital Experiences with Drupal DXP!

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Success Story

Why it's crucial to have a strong Drupal Architecture to Build Next-Gen Digital Experience?

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Drupal 7 to 9 or Drupal 7 to 8 to 9 Upgrade? What to choose?

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