Customize your offering with a Product Configurator

Let your customers customize, visualize, and create products on your site exactly the way they want it to be. Find out how our experts can help you boost your ecommerce sales with a Product Configurator.




Increased loyalty

Brands that offered customization receive 50% higher NPS scores

Reduced returns

Brands using configurators reduced their return rate by 80%

Higher conversions

Using visual product customizers increase conversions by 40%

Higher order value

Customizations could lead to 20% increase in order value

Why Product Configurator?

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    Boost engagement

    With a product configurator, shoppers get involved in the process and are much more likely to interact with your product.


    Reduce inventory costs

    Having a product configurator enables you to know exactly what the customer wants and create a product accordingly, instead of stocking up your warehouse with a large inventory.


    Charge a premium

    By getting involved in the creation process and being able to choose their desired specifications, customers are willing to pay a higher price for your products.


    Build Customer Loyalty

    Customers who are given the option to customize products consistently give higher NPS scores to brands that allow them to do so and stay more loyal to them.

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    Increase conversions

    Give your shoppers one more reason to buy by letting them visualize and create exactly the product they desire.


    Reduce product returns

    As shoppers themselves can create the product with the specifications they want, and are also able to visualize the end product, they make an informed decision when they buy. This means they are less likely to return the product.


    Render product customization in real time

    With a product configurator, let your customers switch between various options for each feature and immediately visualize what each change looks like and how much it would cost them.


    Gain a competitive edge

    Stay ahead of your competition by providing a wider range of choices and letting your customers create a unique product that they can find nowhere else.

Product configurator features

  • Tailored for all popular ecommerce platforms
  • Seamless integration
  • Render configurations in real time
  • Product zoom in/out
  • View each specification in detail
  • Download design in different formats
    (pdf, png, jpg etc)
  • Works on any device form factor
  • Hosted on Google Cloud
  • Dynamic price and weight calculator
  • Wish listing
  • Social share
  • Centralised management of configurations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a product configurator?


It is an online tool used by ecommerce retailers that enables shoppers to customize a product according to their desired specifications. It helps users create and get an idea of what the product will look like.

How can a product configurator help my customers?


A product configurator can help customers try out different variations of a product and see what the product would actually look like. This can help them make an informed decision before clicking on buy, and it also eliminates the need to go to a brick-and-mortar showroom to see what a particular variation could look like. It could also add a fun element to their shopping experience where they get to interact with the product and get involved in the process of creating a product. By providing multiple options, customers can also create a unique and personalized product.

How can I build a product configurator for my ecommerce site?


There are two ways to go about implementing a product configurator for your ecommerce store. One is to build it from scratch according to your specifications. Another is to make use of existing providers and integrate a product configurator to your store. Talk to our experts now to understand how you can implement a product configurator for your store.

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