Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

Mobile Experiences That Deliver Results
Ameex knows that mobile presentation of your website is just as important as the desktop presentation. Ameex utilizes Ektron eMobile to deliver the right mobile experience to visitors on any mobile device. Ektron eMobile enhances the mobile experience based on visitor attributes such as device type and location. Features like device detection, geo-location and content targeting help to ensure that customers have a seamless experience across all mobile devices and platforms. Ektron's Mobile Preview will allow you to preview the look and feel of your mobile site as Ameex builds it for you.



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Responsive Web Design Means That One Size Does Fit All

* Features integrated support for Responsive Web Design
* Delivers a tailored experience to your customers
* Mobile device targeting using industry-standard device detection library, WURFL
* Personalize content to specific devices
* Take full advantage of device-specific functionality using RESS
* You only need one URL alias for every webpage you create
* Manage all your content in one place for all devices

Craft Individualized Mobile Experiences

At Ameex, we believe providing effective mobile content is a vital component of modern business. Customers need and expect to have access to your site from anywhere. Mobile users want content presented in an efficient, fast-loading mobile friendly context. Ameex can tailor a dynamic and seamless mobile solution for your organization. Contact us today to start your Ektron eMobile project.

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