Navigating the New Normal in Retail -- Strategies to Ensure Survival and Success


In 2020, global online retail is set to grow 20-30% -- strongly beating the previous average of 10-15%. Social media usage has soared by 61%. One in 3 consumers have punished brands not responding well during the pandemic crisis. Statistical forecasting models could not project and manage outliers like this pandemic. COVID-19 has had astounding impacts on retail leaving irreversible changes. Based on deep research, this white paper explores:

•   What is changing in Retail?

•   How is the shift in consumer behavior leading the way into transformation?

•   What are the new Retail challenges?

•   How did some Retailers ride this crisis wave successfully?

•   What does future of Retail look like?


About Our Authors

Ken Lowenberg

Director - Digital Marketing and Technology, Ameex Technologies Corp

Ken Lowenberg is the director of digital marketing and technology with Ameex Technologies. Ken has 15 years of non-profit sector management experience with expertise in digital strategy, marketing, communications, partnership development and celebrity engagement. 

Vimalan Thyagarajan

Director – Digital Transformation

Ameex Technologies Corp

Vimalan has 20+ years of experience in retail, helping customers deliver innovative technology solutions exceeding the aspirations of consumers to be ahead of market.

Renga Rajan Balasubramanian

Director - Digital Transformation

Ameex Technologies Corp

Renga has 16 years of Retail & Financial industry experience managing Digital Strategy & Transformation initiatives and help organizations innovate and deliver products to market.

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