Independent Software Testing Services

Dependability and ease of use are the key elements for independent testing deliverables. We hold this high in importance, and guarantee the best quality programming testing. We include devoted testing authorities to guarantee quality conveyance. We give customers our best practices, reusable resources, a complete test archive, worldwide passage abilities, and all day (every day) backing to convey powerful, unrivalled quality programming.

Inadequate programming can bring lost customers and clients, fallen business forms, income sways, security ruptures or direction infringement. These dangers can develop as associations expand their reliance on programming. 

The key advantages of Ameex core software product testing services are,

  • To increase confidence of clients and overall product reliability, we have experts' lead Software testing team that can easily understand and adopt client business flow, constraints and resources of development teams.
  • We thoroughly examine software specifications and requirements that are validated both as units and in integrated mode guaranteeing unfailing operation.
  • Consistent quality tracking and compliance checking ensures identification of defects
  • Major focus on fulfilling all functional and non-functional parameters, boundary conditions, performance measurements, portability features, and security framework assures robust software application.
  • Our testing services expertise foresees extreme user traffic conditions and assesses applications accordingly which promises robust performance on a varying user load.

Test-Driven Development with Continuous Integration Process

Our Test Driven Development (TDD) based approach ensures less time in maintaining the software which is a very important thing as maintenance accounts to almost 70% of total costs during the life time of software. Our legacy Continuous Integration (CI) practice verifies each check-in by an automated build, allowing teams to detect problems early.

Code Coverage

Thousands of coded Integration and Unit tests executed every time a new code is committed, which results in identifying defects for well-tested features are found soon after they are created.

Fewer Defects

Comparing traditional development efforts with the new TDD powered effort have resulted in a much lower number of defects making it into production.


Productivity enhancements have been numerous. TDD done right improves the design. Well-designed software is easier to modify and maintain.