Ameex & Episerver: An Expanding Relationship

Ameex & Episerver: An Expanding Relationship

Ameex & Episerver: An Expanding Relationship

One of the best ways for Ameex to provide value to our customers is to constantly research the content management system (CMS) marketplace, looking to identify up-and-coming tools, platforms and systems that will allow us to further transform our customer's businesses. As part of this ongoing effort, we also take time each year to evaluate our current CMS partners to ensure that we are representing the most powerful and compelling tools available. As we recently completed our wave analysis for the second half of 2016, we found that Episerver continues to distinguish itself as a world-class customer experience platform, building upon its impressive CMS roots to include powerful e-commerce, personalization and search functionality that drives tangible business results.

Thanks to this analysis, Ameex has invested even further in our relationship with Episerver, by expanding our team size and global delivery capabilities. As an Episerver Solution Partner, Ameex has been involved in the Episerver marketplace for several years, most recently having sponsored and attended the Ascend conference in Las Vegas, Nevada last November. Ameex's ability to provide Episerver resources, support and skills around the world for a very competitive rate structure and extreme flexibility in delivering solutions from project to staff augmentation models helps to distinguish Ameex from other Episerver partners.

One of the most tangible measures of a company's expertise in a specific technology is to evaluate the number of certified developers onboard the team. For Episerver, we have now expanded to almost 15 fully-certified Episerver developers, more than doubling our count from the beginning of the year. Episerver has a well-deserved reputation for requiring programmers to have hands-on experience prior to taking the certification testing, as the tests are focused on practical applications of Episerver. In other words, Episerver certification testing isn't the kind of thing that can be obtained by simply reading the manuals.

The Ameex approach to expanding our Episerver certifications is based on leveraging our programming team so that they gain critical skills and experience by developing under senior, certified Episerver developers and architects. Once they achieve enough experience, and once an internal certified Episerver agrees, we submit our programmers for the certification testing process with Episerver. The fact that we have more than doubled the number of certified developers on our team is notable for two reasons. First, it indicates that we see this as a growth area within our business and more importantly, means that customers are also seeing the value in the Episerver platform. Secondly, it demonstrates that we are increasingly becoming more experienced with the platform and have the ability to scale our Episerver team more than ever before.

Finally, it's hard to argue with actual results - and in this case, Ameex is extremely proud to have launched our third Episerver project this year for one of the world's leading providers of specialty metals. This client's web site build included the setup of a third party Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool integrated with Episerver which is now creating and delivering customer leads in a measurable way. In addition to a complete user interface overhaul, responsive design implementation and customized reporting of customer traffic behavior both on and off the main web site, this client's new Episerver-powered web site is already producing observable business results.
Earlier this year, Ameex also released a new Episerver-powered responsive web site for Neptune Technology Group, a leading provider of AMR/AMI solutions for over 30 million water meters at over 2,500 utilities around the country. Helping them move onto the Episerver platform, Ameex worked to redesign the entirety of their public-facing web site experience, including redesigning the search experience. Ameex also worked with a partner to help one of their customers move from Clickability onto Episerver for both a public web site and employee-facing Intranet project.
At the time of this writing, several new Episerver projects are underway and we see continued interest from our customers in learning how to best utilize Episerver's powerful capabilities. It's not surprising to see this level of success when you combine an experienced CMS provider who has flexible, global delivery capabilities with the power of Episerver.   

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