Inside 4 Companies That Deployed Digital Workplace Chatbots

Ameex Technologies is making a huge splash into the AI and BOT space and is out with a judgement free chatbot to have humanized conversations! “Our workplace digital assistant chatbot can answer the questions in real time, which results in faster decision making for the employees,” Piruthivi said.

“This has resulted in lot of saved man hours, increased our productivity as well as brought in a much transparent interface to interact.”

What’s next for Ameex’s digital workplace chatbot? It’s working with its HR solution vendor to enable machine learning-based prediction modeling for enhancing employee engagement, attrition prediction, streamlining recruitment process, helping HR to schedule interviews and employees to update goals.

“In the future the bot would use generative conversation to advise the employees and managers through voice and text in various channels like Alexa, Google Home and Slack, Skype, etc.," Piruthivi said.

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