Personalisation Assessment

Identify your personalization gaps and build the foundation for true 1:1 marketing

Our personalization assessment will help you understand current personalization maturity level and provides a roadmap to transform your current experience into individualized customer experience


How we approach personalization

  • Define

    Define Goals: Outline the digital goals that should drive personalization

  • sitecore

    Discover Audiences: Target visitors in real-time based on their actions/intent.

  • zig3

    Map the customer touch points: Understanding the right stage to deliver personalized content

  • zig5

    Optimize and Go Omnichannel Approach: Delivering seamless relevant content at any device, channels.

  • circle

    Implementation Plan: Creating workflows to implement personalization plan.

  • circle

    Build Content strategy Plan: Crafting content for each persona, channels, and campaigns, etc.

Our personalization capabilities

  • Personalized audience journeys across touchpoints.

  • Changing static content into personalized experiences

  • Dynamically customize the layouts according to each audience preferences

  • Automating content personalization across channels.

  • Define event-based trigger messages on Email & App.

  • Provide adaptive recommendations like product recommendations, content recommendations, In-App, and email recommendations.

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