Analytics Services

Insights meet Intuition

We make it easy and possible for our customers to make the most effective decisions using analytics

The best decisions combine data insights with human intuition. To enable organizations to harness the power of analytics, we provide end-to-end analytic services across the below Focus Areas. 

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Our strong 40-member team has a unique combination of full stack professionals (Generalists) and focus area experts (Specialists).

The team is spread across our offices in Chennai (India) and Chicago (USA). Some of our team members also work from client offices on full-time engagements.  

Our Problem-Solving Approach:

We adopt a simple problem-solving approach to successfully execute all our projects, proof of concepts (PoC), etc. We always start with understanding your responses to the below questions:

  • Where are you now? (Current State)
  • Where do you want to go? (Desired State)
  • How can we help you get there? (Action Plan)

The best decisions combine data insights with human intuition

Once we understand the answers to the above questions, we recommend one of two ways to approach a project i.e., Problem perspective or Data perspective. 

Analytics services

Our Focus Areas & Projects:

Within each Focus Area, we possess expertise in a variety of the most widely used enterprise and open-source tools and technologies. 

  • Data Management & Cloud – AWS, GCP, Azure
  • Visualization – DOMO, Tableau, Power BI, BOBJ, Kibana and D3.js
  • Digital Marketing – Google Marketing Platform, Adobe Analytics
  • Advanced Analytics – SAS, SPSS, AWS Sage Maker, R & Python, 

We cater to customers across a broad range of industries such as Retail/E-Commerce, Education, Media & Publishing, Insurance, Pharma and Manufacturing.

We have executed projects in the following areas:

  • Salesforce Migration to AWS
  • Integrating Salesforce and Internal data (RDBMS)
  • Identifying key drivers affecting formulary decision making in Pharma
  • Interactive dashboards tracking business KPIs built on Tableau & DOMO
  • Website Audits, Personalization and global/local market rollouts
  • Optimizing Customer Purchase Journey using Digital Marketing
  • Customer Clustering and Propensity Models using ML
  • Sentiment Analysis and Topic Modeling Tools
  • Social Listening Tool and Chat Bots (HR and Insurance)
  • Fraud Analytics, Web Scrapping and many more.

We are also a Google Analytics Certified Partner and DOMO Certified Partner. Contact us to know more