Sitecore Personalization

Sitecore Personalization

We specialize in helping brands to provide their customers with individualized experiences that spans across channels, segments and devices – using Sitecore Experience Platform


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Ameex & Personalization

Many firms have invested in personalization technology only to scratch the surface when running successful personalization campaigns. Ameex has helped global brands to effectively plan and launch personalization campaigns that has increased engagement and conversions

We can help you to connect your customer and their characteristics and behavioral data, such as location, gender, or previous visits to nurture the relationship between your brand and your customer.

How We Approach Personalization

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    Define Goals

    Outline the digital goals that should drive personalization – what, why, and for whom

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    Know your audience

    Outline your audience segment, build personas, and create content tailored for each segment

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    Map the customer journey

    Map out journeys to know at what stages to deliver personalized content. (Need, Research, Decision, Customer)

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    Content Strategy

    Develop an effective content strategy that documents how to craft content for each persona, channels, campaigns, etc.

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    Create Workflow & Test

    Create workflows for launching, maturing, and testing a personalization program

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    Go Omnichannel

    Single customer view by acquiring data from all your channels to deliver seamless relevant content at any device, channels


The 9 keys to driving stronger relationships-one customer at a time.

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Driving Personalized Customer Experience And improving Goal Conversions for a Leading Financial Services Client

Cost savings Architecture changes
Increase in Site Visits
Savings on Automated form migration

Types of Personalizations

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    Rule-Based Personalization

    Define the conditions in which content is delivered to a visitor.


    Adaptive Personalization

    Use visitor profiles & pattern-card matching to dynamically adapt the content shown in real time


    Historical Personalization

    Set rules based on a contact’s past behavior


    Journey-Based Personalization

    Design user journeys, assess where people are in those user journeys, and then use triggers to move them through that journey


    Test & Then Personalize

    Use A/B & multivariate testing to assess which type of content works best with certain segments of your visitors.


    Geo-Location based Personalization

    Learn and use your visitor’s location to provide a dynamic user experience that you can deliver conditional renderings of the content based on where the user live or work.

Sitecore’s Potential for Personalization

Sitecore Experience Platform and Experience Commerce are the front running platforms that deliver the best personalization capabilities out of the box. Its potential to deliver is brought forth by the modules and practices that are built into it.

Sitecore Experience Database


Sitecore xDB aggregates all your customer contact and interactions data as a holistic repository to be utilized for Sitecore’s personalization efforts. Sitecore xDB empowers its own cloud-based AI to deliver an automated 1:1 personalization for each user.

Cross-channel Delivery


Sitecore reads interactions and delivers experiences across devices and channel. User interactions from a mobile is attributed to the customer data and is considered while delivering personalization through website and vice versa.

Sitecore Omni


Sitecore Omni with its universal tracker and headless CMS can identify data for aggregation and personalization across devices by delivering on the customer’s need to engage when and wherever they want seamlessly.

Anonymous personalization


Sitecore’s empowered real-time visitor tracking lets us personalize the customer experience even for unrecognized visitor. Sitecore can identify browsing patterns and interests of the visitor from their browser session to adapt the personalization for the user. Over time, longer the user stays on the website, Sitecore’s response to any identified patterns will become real-time.

Marketer friendly


Sitecore doesn’t require a roaring skillset from the marketer to execute its personalization capabilities. Sitecore provides you the foresight and with some training from a trusted digital partner to push through those foreseeable barriers, personalization will be a breeze.

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