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We can help you leverage your Sitecore XP and Salesforce integration to deliver next-level digital experiences for your customers.

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Why integrate Sitecore + Salesforce?

  • Marketing has become increasingly data driven and to deliver the best outcomes means using powerful best in class tools in synergy with each other.
  • Leverage heaps data available between Sitecore and Salesforce without any silos to create automated marketing processes and joint marketing strategies.
  • Ability to unify and manage their content and campaigns under the same roof to deliver end-to-end and highly personalized experiences to every customer.
  • Increased level of content customization and usability for all channels as an opportunity.
  • 1:1 personalization is the winning strategy that delivers and with Sitecore and Salesforce combined you can deliver it over any channel.
  • Set goals, assign and measure engagement, build personas and track customer with combined onsite and offsite scope without any drop-off points.
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What we Deliver?

  • Improved lead tracking and analysis with automated data sharing from Sitecore of lead’s visitor journey to Salesforce CRM for the client’s sales-related analysis, offline sales process and follow up.
  • Reduced contact replication and improved spam email identification with bi-directional contact sharing between your Salesforce CRM and Sitecore’s contact behavioral data.
  • Capability to create, maintain and access all your digital marketing assets across Sitecore XP and SFMC with content hub.
  • Improved customer engagement by providing consistency with personalization across systems and channels by building a singular customer view with profiles built on user data and xDB user activity data.
  • Power to track all marketing campaigns from website to mobile and customer’s journey throughout the campaign.
  • Heightened user insight on customers, creating deeper personalization at scale
  • Setup real-time data sharing between Sitecore to Salesforce Marketing Cloud to immediately place any newly identified visitors into automated marketing plans at the journey builder.
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