Sitecore Upgrade

Upgrade and Modernize your Business with Sitecore 9.3

A Successful upgrade depends on finding the right team that has the skills, capabilities, and expertise to maximize the value from your Sitecore investment.

Why Upgrade?

An upgrade provides a great opportunity to:

  • Revisit your content strategy
  • Re-evaluate your marketing strategy
  • Re-think your customers journeys
  • Clean out the content in your CMS that is outdated or ineffective
  • Develop new plans and processes that enable efficient content and marketing creation
  • Extend your Mainstream Sitecore support by upgrading to Sitecore 9.3. Mainstream support for Sitecore 8.0, 8.1 & 8.2 has already expired on 31 Dec 2019

Why Ameex?

Finding a partner is very crucial to every organization’s successful experience with the Sitecore Experience Platform. As a certified & trusted Sitecore Solution Partner, Ameex can help you implement your Sitecore upgrade in the right way. Our team of Sitecore Architects & Sitecore Certified developers are eager to help you unleash the Sitecore capabilities to its full potential.

Ameex can help accelerate your Sitecore upgrade process with help of its innovative tools designed & developed in-house for Sitecore Forms Migration & Sitecore Upgrade Pre-Assessments.

Not being empowered by Sitecore 9.3 yet?

You are missing out on some key features that could improve your time to market through Analytics, AI personalization capabilities, and integration capabilities. Sitecore is a powerful platform and as like anything powerful, it contains many moving parts. As the platforms moves to extended support, any defects or compatibility issues arising then will not be maintained automatically by Sitecore without you having to pay for it. So, it remains vital businesses to ensure being on a version with mainstream support.

Sitecore 6.x to Sitecore 9.3

  • Ease of use
  • Improved Visitor data accuracy
  • Continuously aggregated data with 360-degree analytic view of your customer
  • Seamless digital assets management across system through integration with Sitecore Content Hub platform
  • All-new marketing capability

Sitecore 7.x to Sitecore 9.3

  • Consistent UI across platforms
  • Know every customer - Acquire the ability to collect all your customer experience data to have a single view of each customer.
  • Empower the business Enable business and marketing to test and optimize content and experiences
  • Deliver and manage experience and digital assets across channels through sharing content of content customer data and analytics.
  • Improved Email Experience manager with marketing automation capabilities and xDB integrations.
  • Embedded device detection
  • Seamless digital assets management across system through integration with Sitecore Content Hub platform.

Sitecore 8.x to Sitecore 9.3

  • No compromise headless
  • Take experience to new heights-Use GraphQL with Sitecore APIs for real-time data exchange between Sitecore and frontend applications
  • Federated authentication-use your enterprise authentication system for Single Sign-On for Sitecore or social login on your websites
  • Share xDB data, digital assets and retrieve data from other stores seamlessly through xConnect API.
  • Forms and marketing automation Both features have been completely redesigned for a simplified user experience
  • Easy, precise and auto content tagging with Sitecore Cortex AI.
  • Seamless digital assets management across system through integration with Sitecore Content Hub platform.


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