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Ameex Technologies is comprised of a team of professionals who are Sitecore experts, which means they can assist your business with implementation or migration, as well as enhancement or upgrade of your business site.

Their level of assistance depends on your needs, and can include complete implementation, FTE, or simply support and managerial services. They can also do third-party integrations, audits of your Sitecore website, implementation of Sitecore eCommerce modules, and multi-lingual and multi-site implementations with responsive designs.



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To start enjoying the numerous benefits a Sitecore website can offer your business, contact the expert consultants at Ameex Technologies. Just one phone call will get the ball rolling, and can be the beginning of huge growth for your business. With all the most useful business information at your disposal from your website, you'll be making more insightful business decisions, and your marketing strategies will become more targeted and ultimately, more successful.

There are a good many reasons your business should be using Sitecore, and should seek the assistance of Ameex to help implement or enhance your website.

User interface

The user interface is intuitive and makes navigation a breeze. Because it's easily understood, it allows users to optimize system features without having a technical background.

Content editors

The content editors make it easy to analyze your existing content through testing and ranking, so that content can be improved to the maximum.

eCommerce integration

The out-of-the-box eCommerce functionality in Sitecore makes it easy to integrate your CMS site with eCommerce and provide a satisfying shopping experience to site visitors.

External integrations

Sitecore facilitates integration with other modules like CRMs, which can input additional customer information to improve and grow your business.

Social networking info

From within the application, data can be used from the social networks to provide additional information on visitors, personalizing their experiences to make them more comfortable on your website.

Cross-channel functionality

Because it facilitates cross-channel delivery, you can acquire information from non-Sitecore sites as well as other Sitecore websites to deepen your pool of information about visitors, and make more informed marketing decisions as a result.

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