Why Cloud

In the era where the amount of data generated increases each day and companies trying to leverage the power of advanced analytics to predict various business outcomes, Cloud solutions are turning out to be a gamechanger.



Traditional data marts are created to meet different business units’ unique use cases. In other words, it is difficult for an organization to get a whole picture of their data since the storage are in different legacy systems. Cloud solution, on the other hand, has the elasticity to store all data in one place. Different business units simply obtain different access to retrieve the data. With cloud solution, everyone could become data consumer, and make data-driven decisions.

Cost Efficiency

On-premise data warehouse requires a fixed amount of fund to support its infrastructure, maintenance, upgrade and security. With cloud, storage and compute will be charged separately, both usage-based and per-second. Resource Monitors for account administrators to close examine the cost billed at each account level, with details for both credit usage and storage usage.


As cloud solution providers take care of the installation of software, maintenance, and many more IT related issues, organizations now can spend more time on what they want to achieve in the first place. Whether using data to visualize the growth, or projecting future demands with historical data, cloud solution is the key to stimulate the productivity and skip the time spent in upgrading software or debugging a connection problem.

How snowflake plays a key role especially for companies trying to shift to Cloud

Ease of access to data
Manage huge volume of data with ease
Reduces time spent on software, focus on productivity and time to market
Performance- up to 200x faster performance at 1/10 of cost
Snowflake has a wide range of connectivity, also easy to integrate with existing ETL
Disaster recovery

Value proposition that Snowflake provides

Snowflake adds immense value to the business. A few of them are, reduced capital and operational cost, advanced analytics, speed of deployment, handling huge volume of data with ease, etc.


Snowflake integration with Cloud Service Providers

Snowflake can integrate with various cloud service providers and analytics tool. The below architecture is just an illustration of its capability.


Ameex- A Snowflake Solutions Partner

Ameex a leading digital transformation firm is now a Snowflake solution partner and over the years have helped various companies overcome their data engineering and digital analytics challenges.

Few of the data engineering projects we have worked:

  • For a large Pharmaceutical client, we built an enterprise data lake by bringing together various legacy data warehouse systems using Hadoop ecosystem (scoop, flume, hive, zookeeper, etc.)
  • Completed a ‘Salesforce to AWS’ migration project with absolutely no documentation and in a very aggressive timeline
  • Built data harmonization solution for a global breweries client

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