AI/ML Personalization

Transforming the connect between you and your audience with ML Personalization

Personalization is about engaging all your customers better to help convert them to top customers at the right time, with the right message, across devices providing an integrated omnichannel experience.

In the current Digital marketplace, building personas and creating marketing campaigns is not only inadequate but useless too. Personalization at the individual level is the only way to resonate with an audience, whether that means a unique offer, a unique experience or a unique message.

According to a recent survey by IDC research “Adoption is across the board: Among the 459 marketing execs surveyed by IDC, 34 percent said that they are using personalization technologies to a moderate extent. Around a third (32 percent) said they’re personalizing marketing communications to a great extent, while 10 percent said they’ve completely digitized marketing communications”.


So then, here is the trillion-dollar question. Can machines help us connect with our audiences in meaningful ways? Yes. Personalization at scale requires machine learning. As users engage with content, machine learning algorithms helps drill down into the relevant data and customize the experience to the user and create a cohesive user journey.

At Ameex, Our Digital Experience Platform with ML/AI based approach for real time personalization focuses on your business outcome! Offering real time solutions on increasing revenue and margins, with improved customer experience, Content & Creatives optimization to drive conversions that improve relevancy and targeting to offer an Omnichannel experience with a single view of the customer.

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