Customer Identity and Access Management

Making Security, Scalability, Performance and Privacy of customer data a top priority

It’s all about the data. Utilizing the knowledge of the rich data profiles of customers and understanding their identity to deliver a secure and seamless customer experience.

Consumers today expect a unified experience across multiple services. With the consumer demands for seamless access with robust data protection, a CIAM solution is key to simplifying engagement with your brand.

Customer identity and access management (CIAM) enables organizations to securely capture and manage customer identity and profile data, and control customer access to applications and services across channels.

CIAM balances customer experience with Security

Understanding your customers must also be coupled with an awareness of the security and privacy requirements, which gives customers confidence that you care about their data. Customer IAM solutions help business leaders and their security teams strike the appropriate balance between usability and security.

We at Ameex help you derive the benefits and help derive major value drivers using a CIAM platform:

  • Providing a consistent, secure Omni-channel user experience by having an authentication access system.
  • Managing user consent and preference to meet compliance with Global data privacy requirements.
  • Speed to Market vs DIY or Integrating multiple point solutions to achieve CIAM.
  • Integration with Epsilon CDP with more customer Insights.

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