Ameex provides comprehensive assessments of a variety of business and technical scenarios that enable customers to quickly understand their current situation and how to proceed. Assessments are very helpful when determining the impact of a potential CMS software upgrade or when it is necessary to baseline the current environment.

Many times, businesses "inherit" web sites from acquisitions, staff turnover or through organizational changes. This is especially challenging, as the staff charged with maintaining the inherited site has little knowledge or insight into the functionality, architecture or construction of the site property.



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Conducting assessments allows us to define a baseline for a specific web site property. Once established, the opportunity to migrate a site onto a corporate standard CMS platform, upgrade the CMS or extend the site's functionality becomes much clearer. Assessments provide documentation for sites that didn't include them as part of their initial development effort and provide a foundation upon which changes can be implemented.

Typically lasting 1 - 2 weeks, Ameex assessments begin with a thorough analysis of the site's functionality and source code. Each component of functionality is reviewed and documented to establish a "current state" definition. In addition to code review, integration and customization of CMS tools is documented as part of the assessment, as these components matter a great deal when considering whether to upgrade or migrate the site. The result is a clear definition of all aspects of a web site that, in turn, can be used as part of a larger plan to evolve the site property in relation to the needs of the business.

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