Product And Technology Assessment

Product And Technology Assessment

Choosing the right CMS product or technology can be crucial to ensuring a successful web site. The number of choices in the marketplace today is confusing and constantly changing. Really understanding what each vendor's offering can actually do in the real world is critical to making the right choices.

It takes years of experience to gain insight into the marketplace, as well as understanding the larger trends that are shaping the future of the Internet, consumers and the digital world. Thanks to our years of working in this industry with countless clients from across the spectrum, Ameex is an excellent partner to turn to for advice on the right product or technology choice for your organization.



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Our goal, through providing a wide variety of options to our clients, is to provide custom solutions that are tailor-made to fit the needs of your specific organization. At Ameex, our philosophy is to recommend to our customers the most effective and appropriate platforms and technologies to suit their needs. We make recommendations based on your return on investment, not ours.

To assist you in technology selection, we can develop requirements and documentation based upon your company's needs and evaluate various technology stacks, platforms, and software against these requirements. Our consultants provide independent and agnostic evaluations with the only goal being to match your company's needs and requirements with the appropriate technologies.

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