Requirements Documentation

Requirements Documentation

Before you can build a web site, you have to know what it will do, how it will work, who it will serve and what the plan for the long-term evolution of the site should be. The process of gathering and defining these requirements is a critical first step to the success of any complex web site development project.

Ameex can help your organization document a set of technical and functional requirements that are measurable, testable, and relate directly to identified business goals.



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One of the biggest challenges facing companies today is the inevitable bargaining between different lines of business for features and functionality. Oftentimes, bringing in an independent third-party, like Ameex, to facilitate requirements gathering sessions can bridge the internal divides that are the reality of many organizations. Facilitated sessions can be done in person individually, or with groups and can even use tools like surveys and polls to generate consensus.

Translating the requirements into a document that is actionable is critical. The documentation process typically begins with defining the business or organizational requirements: Exactly what problems are being solved, or what improvements are being made? Requirements documentation continues with an analysis to determine the needs or conditions to be met for a new or improved system, including conflicting wants and needs of the various stakeholders, such as operators and users. Finally, technical requirements are then integrated to address your individual objectives. With the proper requirements gathered, prioritized and documented, the architecture that addresses those requirements becomes the next most important component of the site.

Functional Requirements

We record all functional requirements comprising of the activities and operations that a system must be able to perform. Think of it as a technical diagram of how the system is going to work internally.

Business Requirements

We also record these requirements which are intended to be read by a general audience. Audiences should be able to understand the system and business requirements without having any prior technical knowledge.

Use Cases

These requirements are represented as a series of steps. The use case puts all the functional requirements into the context of user action, which typically removes any ambiguity with system's expected behaviour.

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