Accelerate achievement of your digital goals

Being in Business, we have all faced a situation where you are confused about whether or not to scale up your human resources. There are a few common questions, that arises during this scenario such as, whether I can keep them engaged over a long run? Whether the idea will help my ROI grow faster? etc.

Our client was in a similar situation. Migration to a new CMS is one of the key moments in Digital journey. Our client wanted to migrate their 400+ WordPress site to Drupal within 3 months. They had an in-house team working with Acquia site cloud factory but considering the short timeline, they needed some additional support with it.

A co-development engagement model

When they approached Ameex, they were again insistent on the timeline. So we suggested to them a different working model. Instead of Ameex taking over the project completely, we drew a co-development model where we would work with the client's in-house team.

Ameex drove the initiative developing a project plan that was headed by an Account manager and a Project Manager exclusively for the client. They were assisted with a Drupal Technical Architect, Business Analyst and a Drupal technical crew who will be working together along with the client's in-house team.

The Execution phase

Once the engagement model is set, the team did a complete discovery gathering the details on the existing process and collecting the requirements from the client end. We managed to draw an agile workflow model and mutually agreed it to be the best fit with regards to the timeline.

A roadmap to implementation was drawn that strictly adhered to the client's proposed timelines defining the roles and responsibilities of every member involved. The plan was further drilled down to display the number of hours burnt by each resource to fulfill the roles of every crew member.

While the Account manager was entitled to keep hold of the timelines, the Project Manager was responsible to ensure the Project goals are met on time. The entire process and the timeline schedule were religiously followed throughout the Project Roadmap.

And by the end of three months,

We managed to successfully migrate the 400+ Wordpress sites to drupal. Not just that, with the co-development model, we cut down the development cost for the client by 30%. Further, the client could also save more since the in-house team can take care of the maintenance post-launch. Yet again our Outcome-driven engagement model worked and helped one more customer of ours' attain their business goals