Create value with Content + Commerce to deliver inspired experiences

The objective of business today is to build a brand and drive revenue from the same. While both these outcomes require different strategies, they should go hand in hand on online medium to deliver equivalent results on both ends. The solution – An integrated platform that delivers seamless content and commerce experience to the user.

Building the Digital Experience platform

Our client’s digital strategy was to build a strong brand online via educating their customers with apt content strategies. The goal is to drive more user engagement and conversions. To make this more effective the technology demanded more. The customer must be addressed at every digital touch point. It was important that each customer is served with a personalized content to make the engagement curve rise steeply.

Ameex built a digital experience platform that provided the customers with a personalized omnichannel digital experience across multiple digital touch points. The same platform also helped them localize their main site to multiple regions at 60% less than the time taken to build the core platform.

This resulted in a 60% user base increase for the client over the next two quarters.

The Change in Digital strategy

The client's firm went over an acquisition phase with another Fortune 500 company that resulted in some changes in the company's marketing strategies. The end goal switched from driving user engagement to driving online sale conversions. They decided to go for a commerce only platform that will yield them quick time sale conversions instead of pursuing the brand building exercise which is a long-term plan.

The client shortlisted an e-commerce platform which has delivered success for the parent brand in the past.

An Integrated Content and Commerce platform - Ameex's approach

Instead of completely migrating from the Content platform to the Commerce platform, our Technical architects suggested integrating the Commerce platform that will deliver results on both the content and commerce goals. This would've been more complex if it was only a Content platform but the Digital Experience platform had Deep Integration capabilities which made the Commerce platform integration possible. We also suggested an Industry leading e-commerce platform that would help them handle complex buying process in both B2B and B2C front on a long run.

The Implementation Roadmap - POC, Testing, and Launch

While the DXP platform had the capabilities, it was a difficult decision to adhere to since it was new to everyone in the decision board. Hence, we decide to do a Proof of concept to help them understand the feasibility of the integration. The Proof of Concept is a trial version which will be done for internal testing to test out any new idea we bring to the market. Ameex went on a developed two POC's which integrated the content platform with both the e-commerce platforms (suggested by Ameex and the client).

The client tested the POC  with their in-house development team and with the eCommerce platform providers to test the stability of the integration. Once both the checks are turned green the client was happy to go ahead with the Content and Commerce integrated platform that yielded them results in both qualitative and quantitative front.

Launch and Post Launch Support

The platform was launched ahead of the planned date. The Commerce platform called for some enhancements with respect to the different local markets such as shipping, billing, payment integrations etc.

The client was also backed up with a dedicated Maintenance and Support team to provide ongoing support and provide back-up during special occasions such as Black Friday and other seasonal purchase days when the user flow and sale values will be higher than usual. The team was headed by an exclusive Account and Program Manager which made the support process easier from the client's side.

The Metrics that showcase our Implementation Successful

The client registered a 300% increase in the overall revenue from online sales

The user base increased by 60% which was the highest ever recorded

The number of orders placed through the website surged by 35% and the order value was booming with a 300% increase.

The content personalization and engagement strategy helped them, witness a 25% increase in repeat purchases.

What more? We are now the vendors for the parent company to help them implement a Content Commerce platform for their multiple brands.