Digital Audits are not a set of generic processes. They are bound to be personalized

Every business is unique and so does their digital requirements. That being the case we cannot have the same process of workflow for all of them. You might have read about our security audit process, if not you might want to. While it sounds like a generic process it isn't in reality.

Customers who enroll for an audit have some issues that have to be addressed initially. Those are the customer's priority. To eradicate the bugs and issues permanently we go for an audit that eases the process. This means only one thing - Website Audit is a customized process carried out for each customer. The process is customized to address the immediate requirements of the customer on priority and then move to the other areas of the website.

Here are two cases where we addressed the requirements of the customer with the result from personalized site audit.

A Performance audit to improve site's load time

The client had a lousy site that took more than 30 seconds to load. Being a content-rich website, this was hindering the user experience to the extreme. The bounce rate was high due to this and they could not rank better in the search results.

We decided to do a personalized performance audit to find the root cause of the issue. The result implied that the architecture of the website is poor to hold the latest advancements made in the site and it is not scalable for the future. Due to this, the loading time number surged.

We laid down a short-term and a long-term fix to the client to address the issue.

The short-term fix is to load the site under 6 seconds by optimizing the size of the pages and the number of requests carried by each page of the website.

The long-term solution is to build a platform architecture for the website that is highly modular and scalable to integrate the next-gen technologies. Once the long-term solution was implemented we managed to load the site in less than 3 seconds.

The end result was also seen with an increase in the engagement and conversion rate on the website.

A security audit to win back the hacked website

If you paid 100% attention to build your new website, you should pay 200% attention to get the expert team to maintain it. We have seen many websites being hacked because of improper maintenance and outdated security patches.

This client approached us with a similar story. The client's site was hacked and was penalized google by removing them from search results. The client also mentioned they could find irrelevant ads being shown on their website and there are new codes running on the same.

This issue was both critical and time-bound. Our core Maintenance and Support team completed a Security audit of the website and came back with the most expected results. The client was running on a Drupal platform and the core Drupal module was not updated. We are not just able to find new codes, we managed to find new admin roles created without the knowledge of the site owners through which they routed the codes to the website.

We started by updating the core module and went on to clear the code library. The new admin profiles which are irrelevant were removed. The Secure Socket Shell (SSH) which was initially open globally was restricted only to the client's IP address. We also ran a Sucuri scan to all the files in the client's database and ensured any unwanted files are binned. Finally, the passwords were reset for the admin entry, FTP access, and the C panel before whitelisting the site to be crawled by the search engine again.

These are two scenarios where we customized the site audit to address the client's issue alone. This helps in getting the immediate issues fixed at the root in quick time.

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