QA testing and our diligence in it

The vitality of quality was long realized even in the BC's. "Quality is not an act, it is a habit" - Aristotle. Getting the product to the customer with 100% quality is the base for customer success. All your valiant efforts with development, marketing, sales and post-sale support can go in vain if the output delivered is not in par to the Industry standards which in some cases is the customer expectation.

When it comes to Digital medium, Quality digital assets is a must. Else, the asset can nullify its purpose and in cases can pave way for security attacks that might affect the related assets too. Quality Assurance, therefore, is a habit and should not be overseen.

Working with the client’s internal development team as an extended testing team

One of our customers from Education vertical wanted an extended testing team that is capable of working with their internal business stakeholders & in-house Development team handling their security testing, API testing, performance testing, load testing and stress testing needs as they did not have an in-house testing team.

We offered a set of dedicated FTE based outcome-driven testing resources with varied skill sets - Security, Performance, Load, API, Functional APIs and more. All the resources were interviewed by the client teams - Business and Technical in multiple rounds and were onboard based on their recommendations to ensure they are the right fit to work with the client's internal development team.

The Roadmap towards a successful delivery

The client's team and Ameex's testing team were co-involved in understanding the scope of the project, detailing the project requirements and the timelines for the same. Our testing team followed up with the testing process and the hour break down for the same to be followed.

Spring level testing happened with each sprint under an agile project workflow.

Periodic reviews and feedback sessions involving all the stakeholders over the 8-month engagement resulted in the quality delivery of the processes.

Our internal team was handling sessions to learn the tools used from the client's end such as Slack, Unfuddle, OSWAP ZAP etc. to help both teams work with ease. Security/Vulnerability testing was the biggest focus of the entire engagement. We recommended & implemented a lot of security best practices for client’s web assets to prevent any vulnerabilities of the same.

Highlights of the testing engagements

Each and every activity was implemented and the processes were run according to the initial run enabling timely completion of the testing activities.

The testing process was tailored to suit the client's business needs and their workflow. Thus, the internal team need not change their routine for the extended testing team

Regular meetings, periodic reviews and immediate updating of change requests helped to make the engagement more transparent for both teams involved.

Working with an offshore team will often cause lag with time zones. Our dedicated testing team worked to match the client's time zone to hinder any lags due to time zone.

The outcome of the project

The overall site vulnerabilities were found and later reduced by more than 30%.

The process was backed up by more than 2000 test cases to firm the final output

The overall engagement spanned than 1500 hours in testing but the final output made it all worth it!

Testing is a complex process. It cannot go by the books and that is why we develop more used cases to plan more than what is just in front of us. With a dedicated team led by experts in Automation testing, we help our stakeholders handle security threats proactively.

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