Resource Reskilling is an art – We are masters!

Resource Reskilling is an art – We are masters!

Recent reports state that an average person aged 18 and above is exposed to 11hours a day to screen. The number of connected devices per household has increased from 2.x in 2016 to 3.x in 2018. The rise in technology in the form of smartphone and more portable on the go gadgets have contributed towards this rapid growth.

Being in the technology space for over a decade, we had to constantly improve ourselves with the latest advancements. Not just learning and adapting them but improvising them to be thought leaders in the Digital space. We started as a Web development company in 2007 and over the years we have turned into a Digital Transformation partner and helped Global clients achieve success in their Digital growth journey.

Flipping the lines over the decade

We always believe in creating and nurturing our existing talent for two reasons. One, they know the culture and they have already fit in. Two, they know the client's business and they make great value-add to the client's Digital journey when they work with them on a long run.

We started as a Web Development and training company in 2007 and moved our way to CMS and E-commerce by 2009. We explored multiple CMS platforms both open source and proprietary to cater to a wide set of customers across the LATAM region. We then added the Analytics and Mobility division to our pack making us a complete IT services and solutions company.

Once the base was set, we started exploring the trending technologies. We upskilled and adapted to the latest techs such as Accelerated Mobile Pages, Personalization, Chatbots, Progressive Web Applications, Conversational UI/UX, AR/VR, IOTs and a lot more through our Research and Innovation Labs.

The Innovations were later implemented real-time and thus we moved in as a complete Digital Transformation partner for companies who want to drive more out of their Digital Presence.

How did we do that?

As mentioned earlier, the first step towards adapting to a new technology is upskilling and cross-learning between the internal crew. Our dynamic crew were exposed to the new technology first who do their ground research and then map them with the solutions we offer. They are the ones who use the right piece of metal and make the apt tool with it.

This happened over a series of sessions that involved

Cross training the team members to new technology, On-job training where they get to master the technology by working with a team of experts around them, Upskilling - some of our technical architects were once our core developers, Cross-platform training (Java to AEM, UX to angular, Drupal to WordPress, Ektron to Episerver, Episerver to Sitecore etc.).

Addition to this, multiple certification programs from the Industry leaders such as Acquia developer certification, Magento developer certification etc.

Partnering with the leaders helped us to know the advancements made by the platform providers earlier than usual. Collaborating with them on our Research and Innovation projects helped us attain great feats such as Drupal 8 and e-commerce integration, ML-based personalization with Drupal CMS, Magento, and CRM Integrations, Episerver and Drupal integrations etc.

You can check our current partnership list here.

The journey seems immaculate but it was only possible because of the core development culture. In an ever-changing industry, a core sustainability and development model help us adapt and improvise easily.

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