Test Automation Services

Test Automation Services

Automation has been seen as the long haul answer for cost reduction of manual testing across the globe. Likewise, it gives a few different focal points, such as enhanced quality, software stability, frequent software releases, etc. However, if automation is done without proper understanding, then it can be cataclysmic.

Ameex's TCoE (Testing Centre of Excellence) in test automation will deliver the highly reliable and stable automation solution by understanding the scope of test automation, characterizing the business/technical objectives of it, identifying the percentage of test cases which can be automated and identifying the right approach to select the tools & framework in place.



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Our exclusive automation services provide clients with optimized results by deploying our web application testing. Our niche experience in automation services helps in making the smooth transition of the projects. The degree of automation is based on certain factors mentioned below:

  • Selection of test automation tool for based on web-application nature
  • Estimation of efforts required for the introduction of test automation
  • Identifying and tuning our custom framework and its modules
  • Development automated test scripts
  • Designing test data and a reference database
  • Process implementation for running automated tests and analyze results
  • Custom reporting and tuning automated test scripts based on stake holders feedback

Our Selenium automation framework enables robust and scalable test scripts, irrespective of underlying programming language. Our keyword and data driven approaches to automation testing facilitates seamless integration of development & QA. Various levels of Test Automation we offer are,

  • Dynamic Tests - We verify dynamic elements of web application such as AJAX or JS elements
  • Functional Tests - We verify form-based inputs, hover menus, checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-down lists, submit and cancel operations, or any other browser-supported input.
  • Link Tests - We verify broken links and missing pages.
  • Static Tests - We verify static elements of web applications


Our automation framework is independent of programming language and platforms.


We strive to maintain test effectiveness even when there are frequent changes in the application.

Focused QA

With our independent selenium framework, testers can concentrate on writing tests without worrying about the underlying framework.

Test Preparation

There is no need to limit test preparation time to maximize test execution time. Our Automation Engineers are always prepared.


Our Selenium framework generates custom reports so you can track your progress.

Governed Ramp-up

Our experts study and mitigate the risks to your ongoing quality process during Selenium automation ramp-up by utilizing our well placed quality checks.

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