User Research

User Research & Analysis

We conduct a methodical study of your user behavior, needs, pain points, and help put your design project into the right context and deliver a highly engaging experience.


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  • Why User Research & Analysis?

    Where does your user come from? What do they expect while they navigate your website? How can you get their attention and engage them to convert? Only extensive research will give answers to all these questions. Instead of doing assumption and guesswork, user research and analysis help understand your target audiences’ behaviors, attitudes, motivations, and problems better and approach the design process that incrementally solves all the real user problems.

    Our Methodology

    • Understand the business goals
    • Observe the gaps
    • Conduct design thinking workshops
    • Learn your audience (Surveys & Questionnaires)
    • Collect the data from web analytics tools
    • Perform usability testing
    • Develop strategy & roadmap
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Integrated omnichannel experience increases fan subscriptions by 3X

Learn how a professional wrestling company implemented omnichannel user experience across the web, mobile apps and improved fans’ engagement in the process.

Increase in Page Views
Increase in Average Session Durations
Increase in Performances

Get in-depth knowledge of your users’ needs and wants and design a world-class experience