What Marketers and Digital Teams can expect from Drupal 9?


by  Delona Lang

Director – Partnerships and Customer Success

Ameex Technologies Corp

With over 570000+ sites, 1.3 million community members and capturing 2.9% market share, Drupal, the much-loved open source CMS needs no introduction. Evolving from Drupal 1.0 in 2001 with limited functionality and few modules, to Drupal 9.0, today it is a highly flexible and secure platform that delivers seamless digital experiences, with features ranging from easy content authoring, multilingual capabilities to headless CMS.

With any new launch of a Drupal version, the community and users always have a lot of questions on what’s new in Drupal 9, how do I prepare for an upgrade and so forth. In this point of view, you’ll learn:

•    Why Drupal 9 should be part of your MarTech Stack

•    How Marketers can benefit from the latest version

•    Why Digital, Web and IT teams will love Drupal 9

•    Preparing your site for upgrade

•    Ameex’s Accelerated DXP Framework for Drupal 9

About Author

Delona Lang

Director – Partnerships and Customer Success

Ameex Technologies Corp

Delona is the Director of Partnerships and Customer Success with Ameex. She has more than 10 years  of experience in helping clients deliver Drupal-based digital solutions and has been an integral part of the Drupal Organization for over five years.

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