What Marketers and Digital Teams can expect from Drupal 9?


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With Over 57000+ sites, 1.3 million community members and capturing 2.9% market share, Drupal, the much-loved open source CMS needs no introduction. Evolving from Drupal 1.0 in 2001 with limited functionality and few modules, to Drupal 9.0, today it is a highly flexible and secure platform that delivers seamless digital experiences, with features ranging from easy content authoring, multilingual capabilities to headless CMS.

With any new launch of a Drupal Version, the community and users always have a lot of questions on what's new in Drupal 9, how do I prepare for an upgrade and so forth. In this point of view, you'll learn:

tickWhy Drupal 9 should be part of your MarTech Stack

tickHow Marketers can benefit from the latest version

tickWhy Digital, Web and It teams will love Drupal 9

tickPreparing your site for upgrade

tickAmeex's Accelerated DXP Framework for Drupal 9