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Our Service Offerings

Proprietary CMS Services

Proprietary CMS Services

Ameex offers a wide range of proprietary CMS implementation services in Microsoft and other leading technology platforms.

Web Strategy And Consulting

Web Strategy And Consulting

Our CMS consultants can help you define sound web strategies that focus on your organization’s content management objectives.

Support And Maintenance

Support And Maintenance

Our managed services allow you to enjoy the benefits of having an in-house technical team while avoiding the obligations that come with full-time staff.

Open Source Services

Open Source Services

In addition to proprietary services, we are proud to offer open-source CMS development and solutions to our clients.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

The talented mobile development team at Ameex excels at creating resourceful, revolutionary mobile solutions that give our clients a competitive edge.

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Our Clients

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Ameex Technologies Corp
1701 E Woodfield Rd, Suite 710 Schaumburg, IL 60173
Microsoft Projects:
Brian Browning, Vice President
Ph: (804) 920 1956
Open Source Projects:
Brett McCoin
Director of Business Development
Ph: (312) 340 7112

Fax: 847-517-9441

Reach out to our nation wide business & sales team

  • Brian Browning
  • Vice President
  • (804) 920-1956
  • Brett McCoin
  • Director of Business Development
  • (312) 340-7112
  • Troy Bjerke
  • Business Development Manager
  • (312) 340-7111
  • Jeffrey Scalet
  • Senior Sharepoint Sales Manager
  • (847) 812-0293(847) 376-9268
  • Mahesh Nattanmai
  • Regional Director
  • (908) 616-8525

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